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Beta Process
What are the available positions in staff? (please keep in mind that we are all volunteers, we work on our free time for Mythodreas)
-Digital Artist
-PHP/SQL developer
-Mythodreas Support
**All of these positions require knowledge of the site and position's job content. An account is first required as well as account age.
**We are no longer accepting Beta Tester applications

What are our developers currently working on in the background?
-First few quests 
-Familiar/Creature's status ailments
-Colosseum/Battle Stadium
-New forums layout/design and follow thread feature
-Improved notifications
-Improved item features such as weight, uses/durability, combination level, and damage levels (can it be repaired?)
-Fun events and activities around the world of Mythodreas
-Exploration feature (game)
-More lore and descriptions

To learn more about Mythodreas, visit our Mythodreas Guide here: where you can find all of the WIP features, current features, and goal of the staff.

Mythodreas was relaunched in June 22nd at 8pm EST as Mythodreas Beta. It is a  site dedicated to providing its users with a user-interactive, story-based, and decision-driven world with a virtual (pet)creature feature.

Mythodreas was originally a fantasy virtual pet site that had been renamed from Zetapets around 2010. The site itself has been up and running since 2003. 
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